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The Clement Weaver - Daniel Howland Home - Built 1679

East Greenwich ~ Rhode Island

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While difficult to read, these documents were represented by the Town as noted. Many more documents and records are available at the Town of East Greenwich's Clerk’s Office. Being the oldest and most significant, we felt these would be of most interest.



Deed between [father] Clement and [son] Clement, Aug 28, 1680

Clement and wife Rachel selling home, Mar 23, 1691

Area 1
Original Land Survey of 1679

A land sale from Clement to John Woods, 1680

Area 2
Original Land Survey of 1679, [more]

Deed transferring house from [son] Clement to Benjamin Weaver, 1691
Area 3
Document containing "Capt." Clement Weaver dated March 18, 1680