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The Clement Weaver - Daniel Howland Home - Built 1679

East Greenwich ~ Rhode Island

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The addition we built in 2001...

In 2001 we built a 18' x 31' four-season room addition off the back of the house. Because it was an addition to a home which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, we had to obtain certain approvals before we began construction. As part of the 'approval process' plans must be submitted to the Town's historical committee members who review these plans and make suggestions and/or place restrictions upon the ultimate design - assuming it's even approved.

Our original intent was to construct this room to look like a natural extension of a 17th century farm house.
We felt that in order to least disrupt the look and feel of the home, that any modifications be made in this fashion. The historical committee did not feel the same. The committee said that if we were to construct a "replica" addition, it "may confuse future historians as to when the addition was added." (their words, not mine). Further, they said that the addition was to reflect the features and styleof the time period in which it was constructed - the 21st century. This is done deliberately to discourage reproduction-style additions. Since the committee's word is final we needed to abide by their decisions - or not put on the sunroom. In fairness, the U.S. Dept of Interior's restoration standards can be quite strict. So if you're wondering why the addition seems out of place for a 17th century home, that's why.

However, in the interest of anyone wanting to take down the addition, we constructed it so that it can be removed without any permanent damage or modification to the original structure. The exterior has also been surrounded by shrubbery to further mitigate any effects the sunroom may have on the original home's appearance. It's a wonderful, bright and airy room with high ceilings, lots of light and space. But the option is there to remove it and restore the back of the home, with no permanent damage.


Restoration by: Preferred Remodeling & Design